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Posted On: Friday, February 06, 2015
By: peedyvt
Athletic Pamphlet for Students and Parents
Brett Blanchard, Principal
Jason Rascoe, Vice Principal
Pierre A. Cotton Jr., Activities/Athletic Director
Fair Haven Union High School, in partnership with the community, will promote in all students the knowledge and skills necessary to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible productive citizens in the global community.
This pamphlet is intended as an informative guide for student’s interested in athletics at Fair Haven Union High School and their parents. The information provided, however, is only a brief overview. Complete information can be found in the student and/or coach’s handbooks.
Athletes and their parents are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. This means, respecting opponents and officials. Unsportsmanlike fouls can be called against a team for the actions of its players or fans.
Please note that eligibility for fall sports and activities is based on the last marking period of the previous school year. Therefore, eligibility will be based on grade averages received for the fourth marking period. If a student fails more than one course in any marking period, they will be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities during the following marking period. If a student fails one course and has a total marking period average of less than 70, they will be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities during the following marking period.
The eligibility period will commence on the day report cards are issued, with the exception of the final marking period, which will begin on the day school starts in the fall. Students must turn in all uniforms at that time pending reestablishment of eligibility.
Ineligible students may request a review of their eligibility status at the midpoint of the marking period. These dates will be determined by the administration. Students who are passing all subjects at that time will be eligible for full participation in activities once eligibility has been verified.
Ineligible students may request a review of their eligibility status ten calendar days before the midpoint of the marking period date, or the end of the marking period date, for the purpose of conditioning, and practice. If they are passing all subjects at that time, they are eligible to practice only. Students may not travel with the team, dress (wear any part of the uniform at any time), sit with or assist the team during the above ten-day calendar period. At the midpoint and end of each marking period date, students again must verify they are passing all subjects before full participation.
All eligible athletes must meet the 10 days practice requirement established by the Vermont Principal’s Association. Fair Haven Union High School requires that the 10 days of practice occur immediately before full participation in the sport.
Physical, Permission Form and Student Contract
All athletes must have a completed physical and permission form with signed student contract in order to participate. Physicals are held yearly, and athletes have the option of visiting their family doctor for a thorough physical or utilizing services offered each summer by Castleton Family Health. All athletes must have health insurance to participate. An affordable health insurance option is available through the school. Student contracts, found on the opposite side of the permission form, are to be read and signed by both parent and athlete as a commitment to uphold and support the tenets of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.
Unless excused by the Administration, a student must be in school the entire day if the student wishes to participate in the activity that day. In the case of a Saturday activity, the student must have been in school the entire day on Friday. Excuses which will be considered acceptable by the administration are doctors and dentists excuses, funerals, court appearances or other unusual and extenuating circumstances.
Students must arrive to school no later than 8:24 a.m. in order to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities unless prior arrangements are made with an administrator at the high school. A student absent from school may not participate as a spectator at a school event that day without prior approval of the administration.
If a student secures a nurse’s excuse earlier in the day, they may not come back at the end of the school day and participate in a practice or game. If a visit to the doctor is accompanied with the doctors permission then and only then would the student be allowed to participate on the same day.
The most effective way to get any issue you need resolved is to go to the source. Any athlete who has questions or needs clarification on an issue should first speak directly to their coach. If concerns still exist after meeting with the coach, the next step would be to request a meeting with the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will then arrange a meeting with the athlete, parents and coach. If the issue is still unresolved the next step would be a meeting with the principal or assistant principal, parents and Athletic Director. If still unresolved, the issue may be forwarded to the superintendent. This chain of communication is part of the culture at Fair Haven Union High School and is encouraged by coaches and administration, students, parents, staff and community members.
Fair Haven Union High School is responsible for its students during school hours and while being transported to and from school events. The school and parents need to know that every precaution is taken to insure student’s safety. Students that travel to a school function by school bus must return on the bus. Not only does this provide safety during travel, but also adds to the camaraderie and cohesiveness of the team. At no time will students be able to ride home with other students. Special circumstances may exist where a student may ride home with their parents or an appointed adult. In this case the parents must inform the coach, in writing through the Transportation Release Form, 24 hours prior to the trip, releasing the coach and the school from liability. The parent or appointed adult must also make personal contact with the coach at the time they pick up their son/daughter following the event. Messages that parents are waiting in the car are unacceptable. Students who leave an event without permission and personal parent contact will be subject to disciplinary action. Coaches may allow students to be dropped off in Benson/Orwell on return trips from the north with prior notification from parents to coaches and bus drivers. Athletes may use phones provided on the bus to contact parents for rides home as they arrive at the school.
FHUHS employs a part-time Athletic Trainer who is available to athletes to assist and/or advise in the care, prevention, treatment, referral and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. All injuries occurring while participating in athletics must be reported to the coach and/or trainer. The trainer or physician has the final say as to when an athlete must be removed from or can return to the field or court. The trainer’s hours are listed on the outside of the training room door in the athletic hallway.
When school is canceled, all activities for that day will also be cancelled. Rainout decisions are usually made by 2:30 that day. In the event of lightening, a horn blast will sound and all athletes and spectators are to take cover immediately.
Personal Property
Please do not keep money or other valuable belongings inside locker room lockers. Fair Haven Union High School is not responsible for students’ personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged in association with participation in extracurricular activities.
Uniforms and Equipment
Athletes are responsible for all uniforms and equipment issued to them and are financially liable for lost or damaged items. Failure to pay could result in the withholding of report cards and/or diplomas, and the denial of future participation.
List of Sports and Starting Dates
Fall Sports Offerings ‘ Beginning August
  • Cheering
  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
Winter Sports Offerings ‘ Beginning November 14
  • Basketball
  • Cheering
  • Indoor Track
  • Wrestling
Spring Sports Offerings ‘ Beginning March 20
  • Baseball
  • Outdoor Track
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Tennis
Player Participation
When more athletes try out than can practically be carried as team members, the coach must give each candidate ample opportunity to demonstrate their skills and potential before making cuts. The coach must then explain to all candidates the necessity for cuts and offer suggestions on how they might increase their chances of making the team if they wish to try again. The coach can then make the candidate aware of other options that might be available such as manager, score keeper or going out for another sport if offered in that season.
Every athlete who participates on an FHUHS team and who is a member in good standing at the conclusion of the season is entitled to an award. These awards are given to athletes at the fall, winter and spring Sports Awards Nights. Contact the Booster Club for more information regarding refreshments provided at awards nights.
Blue sports schedules provide a good overall view of each season and can be picked up in the main office. Often, however, changes are made to the athletic schedules due to weather and other circumstances. Updated weekly schedules can be found in the main office, outside of the Activity Coordinators office, in the morning announcements, on the A-Frame in the school lobby and on the school web site.



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